Q1 How do I make the Quick Reserve?
Click the "Reservation" button on the right corner of the homepage and place your order online or call our office during office hours.
Q2. When is the due date for an order?
3 days (72 hours) prior to your departure. You are advise to place the order as soon as possible once you decided your trip as some of the pocket Wi-Fi for certain countries are always fully booked.
Q3. How are the rates calculated?
Your billing cycle begins one day after you pick up and one day before you return the device. If you pick up on 12th and return on 16th, you'll be charged for 3 days rental. In case of pick up and return by delivery, you will be charged from one day after receiving date to shipping date of the device. Please note that you'll be charged for extra daily rate for late return.
Q4. How do I locate a user guide for my device?
A user guide booklet will be enclosed with the device.
Q5. Can I pick up and return the device at the company counter?
Sure! No extra cost.

Q6. Late fees

You'll be charged for extra daily rate for late return. If the extension period is over 7 days, please contact  customer support.

Q7. Cancellation fees
Customer should inform the company immediately for any cancellation of the contact. Once the device has been shipped, no adjustments or cancellation to the contract will be considered. After full payment of the deposit is made, if the contract is cancelled within 14 days before the departure date, the Company will impose a charge of 30% of the rental charges for administrative fees, the balance of 70% will be refunded to the customer. If cancellation is given within 7 days from the departure date, the company will impose a fee of 50% of the rental charges as administrative fees, the balance of 50% will refunded to the customer.
Q8. What should I do if my device is lost or stolen?
Please contact our customer support immediately. We will suspend the line and arrange replacement device at your request. There will be additional charges ( handling fee and delivery fee) for a replacement device.
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