Rental fee is calculated from the date of departure to the return date of the end (yellow box, as shown above)
As shown in the chart above, departure on 6th May and return on the 12th May means the total days of rental is 7 days. Customer can come to our counter to pick up the device on 5th May before 19:00 or we will arrange a delivery to your assigned address on the 5th May before 19:00

Customers are required to return the device before the 13th May or we will arrange a delivery to pick up the device from you on the 13th May. Late charges might be applied if customers fail to do so.

List of Countries

Countries      Price/day           Quota/day           Speed     
Malaysia RM20 300 MB 3G
Japan 4G RM35 500 MB 4G
     Europe 48 Countries      RM40 500 MB 3G/4G
Australia RM30 500 MB 4G
Brazil RM35 100 MB 3G
Canada RM35 500 MB 3G
China RM30 500 MB 3G
Guam/Saipan RM35 200 MB 3G
Hong Kong RM30 500 MB 3G
Indonesia RM30 300 MB 3G
Korea RM30 500 MB 3G
Philippine RM30 UNLIMITED 3G
Thailand RM30 300 MB 3G
USA RM35 500 MB 3G

     Damaged or Lost Item           Penalty     
Pocket Wi-Fi RM600
External Charger RM150
USB Cable RM25
Adapter RM50
Bag RM25

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