Benefits of Using VISONDATA MY Pocket Wi-Fi
1) Be Connected Wherever You Are
The pocket Wi-Fi plan allows for affordable flat rate wireless data for the duration of your trip while overseas, use our 3G/ 4G mobile Internet service to check email, surf the web, make VOIP call (using Skype, Tango, Viber, Talk, etc.), research local restaurants and nearby attractions, get destinations to your GPS system and much more.

2) NO Additional Fee and NO Data Roaming Price
Our pocket Wi-Fi rental at a flat rate starting at RM25/day, means no more worries about how much data is being used, which local service provider you have to connect, subscribing to long term contracts, or coming home to “surprise bills”.

3) Convenience and Productivity
If you think hunting for a “Free WIFI Hotspot” is difficult in Malaysia, try looking for one in an unfamiliar country after a long international flight! Stop wasting your time. Now you don’t need to stay in the hotel all day just to access the free wifi service that is provided in some hotels, now you have the Internet on the go. It is small in size and fits into your pocket for you to take it anywhere.

4) NO Installation System Required
With VISONDATA MY pocket Wi-Fi, you can immediately gain wireless Internet access the moment you get off the plane. No need to setting anything and just turn on, ready to use.

5) Share the Wireless Internet with Family and Friends
Stay connected to the Internet while travelling abroad with a pocket Wi-Fi. Our international 3G /4G pocket Wi-Fi rental provides you and multiple users’ convenient and cost effective Internet access anytime, anywhere while overseas. It save just to rent and pay for one VISONDATA MY pocket Wi-Fi and can be connect up to 5 devices at the same time. There no need to buy a SIM card to use for each person and it will be wasting more money.

6) Simple to order and to return
Renting a pocket Wi-Fi  is simple and easy. Just click and fill in the Pre-Order form at our homepage, tell us your itinerary, and you can come to our counter or we VISONDATA MY will ship your pocket Wi-Fi device, charger and everything else that you will need. You can return the device to our counter or ask us to arrange the pick up by courier upon your return home.
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